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Maya Hansen AW1112

Titian was one of the references of the Maya Hansen Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 Show, titled « Queens of Spain ».

Other Titian-influenced collections : Chalayan Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 (paintings by artists such as Titian were projected on the backdrop of this show, entitled « Rise »), Giorgio Armani Autumn/Winter 2003-2004 (the colors of this collection referenced Titian’s work), Vivienne Westwood Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 (the hair of this show, styled by Sam McKnight, was based on Titian’s paintings).

Moreover, in October 2004, Missoni presented the exhibition « Missoni and Titian : Color and Light from the Venetian Renaissance to 20th-Century Fashion », at the Mazzucchelli Museum, in Ciliverghe di Mazzano.




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Leandro Cano AW1213

The Leandro Cano Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 Show, dubbed « Buffet », and presented as part of the Samsung EGO Innovation Project, paid tribute to his native Andalusia.

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Southern Italy

Dolce & Gabbana SS15The starting point of the Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2015 Show was the Spanish influence on Southern Italy and Sicily, between 1516 and 1713.

To read about Spain-inspired collections, search for the « Spain » post that I have published on October 8, 2012.

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The Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2002 Show, « The Dance of the Twisted Bull » (« El baile del toro retorcido »), referenced Spain’s traditional bullfighting.

Some Spain-inspired collections : Balenciaga (Cristóbal Balenciaga referenced Spain in some of his designs ; this influence was highlighted in the « Balenciaga : Spanish Master » exhibition, presented at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute, in New York, from November 19, 2010 to February 19, 2011, which was an Oscar de la Renta’s initiative, curated by Hamish Bowles), Christian Lacroix Couture Spring/Summer 1985, Christian Lacroix Couture Autumn/Winter 2003-2004 (influenced by the Flemish at Charles V’s court), Christian Lacroix Couture Spring/Summer 2006 (especially for the matador pieces and the infant dress), Dior Couture Autumn/Winter 2007-2008 (in part, particularly for dresses inspired by El Greco and Diego Velázquez), Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Autumn/Winter 2001-2002 (collection based on Spain and China), Missoni Spring/Summer 2012 (in part), Moschino Spring/Summer 2012 (some pieces echoed Franco Moschino’s matador outfit, dubbed « Bull Chic »), Oscar de la Renta (since the ’60s, the couturier has often been influenced by Spain’s heritage), Paco Rabanne Couture Autumn/Winter 1996-1997, Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2013 (the matador outfits, fringes, hats and ruffles reference Spain), Yves Saint Laurent Couture Spring/Summer 1977 (the Spain of Diego Velázquez), Yves Saint Laurent Couture Autumn/Winter 1995-1996 (infant dresses), Yves Saint Laurent by Stefano Pilati Spring/Summer 2006 (partly, especially for the boleros and the torero pants).

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