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Brothers Grimm

Victoria's Secret 14






















« William Shakespeare meets the Brothers Grimm » was the theme of the « Fairy Tale » section of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014.

To read about other Brothers Grimm-influenced collections, search for the « Snow White » and « Little Red Riding Hood » posts that I have published on February 25, 2014, and on March 2, 2014, respectively.

To read about other William Shakespeare-inspired collections, search for the « William Shakespeare » post that I have published on August 26, 2013.

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Deck the Halls

Victoria's Secret 7

The 6th segment of the 2007 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, titled « Deck the Halls », was named after the eponymous Christmas carol.

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Football / soccer

Victoria's Secret 13 Football






















The outfit that Cara Delevingne modeled in the « British Invasion » segment of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 paid homage to football / soccer.

Other football / soccer-inspired collections or items : Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring/Summer 2010 (this collection was influenced by football / soccer), Baptiste Viry Spring/Summer 2009 Menswear (« football / soccer player »-shaped golden buttons on some vests), Dirk Bikkembergs Spring/Summer 2004 Menswear (this collection was inspired by football / soccer ; in 2001, Dirk Bikkembergs unveiled his show at Milan’s San Siro stadium ; in 2002, footballers took to the catwalk for the designer ; in 2003, Dirk Bikkembergs designed the city outfits of the Inter Milan’s players ; in 2004, the Bikkembergs Sport line, decorated with « Il Pupino » logo, which figures a football / soccer player in a circle made of letters, was launched, in association with Umbro ; since 2005, Dirk Bikkembergs has created the uniforms of the players of the FC Fossombrone, in Italy, a club that he has bought), Dirk Bikkembergs Autumn/Winter 2004-2005 Menswear (during this show, based on sport, models were running after a ball), Dirk Bikkembergs Autumn/Winter 2008-2009 (this show set featured marble football / soccer balls), DressCamp Spring/Summer 2014 (this show featured football / soccer jersey-inspired dresses), Ebel (the « Tekton » watch, launched in September 2008, was based on a football / soccer ball), Jérôme Dreyfuss (in 2005, the « Diego » bag, dedicated to Diego Maradona, was launched), Louis Vuitton (in June 2004, to celebrate the UEFA European Football championship, in Portugal, Louis Vuitton launched the « Attacking / L’Attaquant » football / soccer bag, in its « Giant Checkerboard / Damier Géant » line ; in June 2010, to celebrate the FIFA World Cup, in South Africa, Diego Maradona, Pelé and Zinedine Zidane starred in Louis Vuitton’s institutional campaign, and Louis Vuitton produced the case for the World Cup trophy), Marithé + François Girbaud Spring/Summer 2007 Menswear (this collection, presented in 2006, to celebrate FIFA World Cup, in Germany, showcased football / soccer-inspired pieces), Mister Freedom (in the ’70s, Tommy Roberts took inspiration from football / soccer equipments for some Mister Freedom items), Siv Stoldal (some Siv Stoldal-designed pieces evoke football / soccer), Valérie Valade (for Spring 2008, Valérie Valade launched bags that were made after football / soccer balls), Y-3 Spring/Summer 2010 (the World Cup was the theme of this show, which was inspired by the movement of the net after a goal in a football / soccer match ; for the finale, Zinedine Zidane took a shot at a goal, on the catwalk, alongside Yohji Yamamoto).

Furthermore, in June 2010, to celebrate the FIFA World Cup, in South Africa, the « L’Optimum » magazine asked 33 designers, including Dolce & Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana have also produced the uniforms of the A. C. Milan, from 2004, the outfits of the Italian team for the World Cup, in 2006, in Germany, the uniforms of the Chelsea F.C. footballers, in 2010, and the « Dolce & Gabbana Lounge », at the Stamford Bridge stadium, and have also photographed football / soccer players), Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Lanvin and Marc Jacobs, to create football / soccer outfits, as part of the « Football / soccer as seen by fashion / Le Football vu par la mode » project, which were sold to benefit Zinedine Zidane’s Ela association.

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Candy canes

Victoria's Secret 12Candy canes have been a source of inspiration for a Christmas look of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012.

Other candy canes-inspired items : Joanne Stoker Spring/Summer 2013 (the « candy cane » heels were influenced by Joanne Stoker’s 1st holiday along the British coastline, when she was 5 years old).

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The Snow Queen

Victoria's Secret 13 The Snow Queen






















The « Snow Angels » segment of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013, headlined by Taylor Swift, was based on Hans Christian Andersen’s « The Snow Queen » fairy tale.

Furthermore, vanessabruno X Biotherm’s « l’eau » fragrance, launched in October 2011, also paid homage to Hans Christian Andersen’s « The Snow Queen ».

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Victoria's Secret 7

Christmas influenced the Victoria’s Secret 2007 Fashion Show.

Some Christmas collaborations : Alexander McQueen (for Christmas 2008, Alexander McQueen customized the Chivas Regal bottle of whiskey with an « Union Jack » cap), Alexis Mabille (for Christmas 2008, Alexis Mabille decorated the Suze bottle with his emblematic bow ties), Christian Lacroix (for Christmas 2007, Christian Lacroix decorated 2 evian® bottles, one was an « Ice Queen » version, and the other one was ornated with relief flowers and snow crystals ; for Christmas 2009, he customized the Chivas Regal bottle of whiskey with silver and volutes), Christian Louboutin (for Christmas 2009, Christian Louboutin customized the Piper-Heidsieck bottle of champagne, and created a « shoe » flute, presented, in Piper-Heidsieck’s « The Ritual by Christian Louboutin / Le Rituel par Christian Louboutin » box), Courrèges (for Christmas 2011, Courrèges decorated the evian® bottle, with a fuchsia flower, imagined in 1967 by André Courrèges), Diane von Furstenberg (for Christmas 2012, Diane von Furstenberg customized the evian® bottle), Ines de la Fressange (for Christmas 2002, Ines de la Fressange designed a box for Mumm’s « Cordon Rouge » champagne), Issey Miyake (for Christmas 2010, Issey Miyake decorated the evian® bottle with multicolored flowers), Jean Paul Gaultier (for Christmas 2000, Jean Paul Gaultier dressed the Piper-Heidsieck bottle of champagne with a red vinyle basque, and for Christmas 2008, he decorated the bottle of evian® with relief crystals), Manish Arora (for Christmas 2009, Manish Arora created a case in embroidered fabric for the « Pommery Brut Royal » box of Pommery’s champagnes), Marc Jacobs (for Christmas 2012, Marc Jacobs designed cashmere fingerless gloves for Veuve Clicquot), Paco Rabanne (for Christmas 2002, Paco Rabanne customized the Lanson bottle of champagne with a metal dress, woven with silver threads covered with gold, and for Christmas 2005, he dressed the Suze bottle with a metal dress), Paul Smith (for Christmas 2009, Paul Smith customized the evian® bottle with motifs of multicolored ribbons), Stella Cadente (for Christmas 2008, Stella Cadente customized the Badoit® bottle), Thierry Mugler (for Christmas 2006, Thierry Mugler ornated the Suze bottle with stars), Vanessa Seward (for Christmas 2008, Vanessa Seward, who was Azzaro’s then-designer, created the Boizel’s « Christmas Box », which featured the « Brut Ultime » Boizel bottle of champagne and a small music box), Viktor & Rolf (for Christmas 2007, Viktor & Rolf designed an « upside down » bottle and « upside down » flutes for Piper-Heidsieck), Vivienne Westwood (for Christmas 2010, Vivienne Westwood dressed the Chivas Regal bottle of whiskey with an « Union Jack » motif).

Moreover, the Anya Hindmarch Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 « All I’ve ever wanted » collection, which featured leathers that evoke Quality Street treats’ skins, when they’re unwrapped, is slightly influenced by Christmas.

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